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What is the Minimum Age to Participate?

Participants must be at least 12 years old to take part in the Marathon.
No age requirement for the Half-Marathon

Is there a way to Notify my Family I Finished?

There will be a phone station in the Lincoln Track Club tent under the northeast corner of the north stadium near the medical tent.

What if someone Drops Out / In Medical Tent?

Visit the Lincoln Marathon information booth near clothing sales in the south stadium parking lot. They will be able to locate that information.

Where should my family Watch Me Finish?

Spectators should enter Memorial Stadium through Gates 1 and 2 to sit in the south stadium. They will see you on HuskerVision as you head up Stadium Drive before entering the stadium. Spectators are not allowed on the field.

Should I report Medical Conditions?

Please let race officials know through the website and ask the Medical Director contact you directly.


Can I have someone Pickup my Packet?

You can have your packet picked up by someone else. They need to bring a packet pickup proxy, your confirmation email and must show their photo ID in order for us to release your packet to them. Download Packet Pickup Proxy

What do I need at Packet Pickup?

You need to have your Bib Number and a government-issued photo ID. If you forgot your Bib Number, there are look-up stations outside of the Packet Pickup room.

Can I have my Packet Mailed?

Packets will be assembled on the week of the race, therefore packets will not be mailed.

When / Where is Packet Pickup?

Packets may be picked up at the Cornhusker Marriott (333 S 13th Street) on the following dates and times:

Friday, May 3rd: Noon – 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 4th: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Packets will also be available on race day from 5:45 – 7 a.m. at the NU Coliseum just west of the starting line.


Can my time be used for Boston Qualifying?

Yes! The Boston Marathon accepts qualifying times from the Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half-Marathon. Qualifying times vary by age group. The Lincoln Marathon will send a complete list of finishers to the BAA after the race. For questions regarding qualification for the Boston Marathon, please contact the Boston Athletic Association.

Is there a Time Limit for the Race?

If marathon runners are not at the turnoff for the half marathon by 10:30am, they will be directed to finish the half and not continue on the marathon course. The course is officially open until 1:30pm. Runners not expected to finish in that time may be directed to the sidewalk to finish their run.

May runners wear Headphones?

For the safety of our runners, we discourage runners from wearing headphones. If you choose to wear them, please use commonsense and remove them to listen to all verbal instructions.

What Items are NOT Allowed on the Course?

There are a number of items that are not allowed on the course including: runners not wearing a bib, animals, non-official bikers, baby joggers or strollers, roller skates or rollerblades, skateboards, or any wheeled vehicles other than registered wheelchair athletes.

Can I leave Clothes / Items at the Start?

Any items left around the start/finish area will be picked up and taken to the People’s City Mission. The race is not responsible for any items discarded near the start/finish or on the course.

Can I leave Clothes / Items on the Course?

Any items left around the start/finish area will be picked up and taken to the People’s City Mission. The race is not responsible for any items discarded near the start/finish or on the course.

What if I am Unable to Finish the Race?

There is a sag wagon driving the course that will take you back to the start/finish area. As an added precaution, each aid station is equipped with a physician. We will also have bikers and emergency personnel riding the course to assist you.

Where are the Support Stations (Water/Aid/Potties)?

Throughout the race, we encourage and advise runners to stay hydrated to prevent both dehydration and hypothermia. Water stations are located approximately every 1.5 miles along the course. (Check the map for exact locations). Each water station will provide water with lids and straws for easy drinking, Gatorade Endurance Formula and ice. Each aid station will be staffed with a physician to assist runners. Vaseline and band-aids are also available. Port-a-potties are near the aid stations throughout the course.

Where to meet Family & Friends after the Race?

Family and friends should look for the “Meet Your Runner Here” sign near the south stadium runners exit. There will be a photo backdrop located there for pictures with your family and friends.

Is Food or Drink provided after I finish?

Water, Pepsi, Gatorade, and chocolate milk as well as snack items will be provided in the north stadium as you exit the field and finish line area. A lunch of pork sandwiches, salads, chips, cookies, and cake will be served at the Champions Club, just west of the finish line, beginning at 11:00.


Will there be an Awards Ceremony?

Please see details on the Awards section of the Race Day page.

How do I get my Award Later?

Awards not picked up will be available at the Lincoln Running Company (day and time to be announced) or mailed if you live out of town.


What is the Minimum Age to Participate?

Participants must be at least 12 years old to take part in the Marathon.
No age requirement for the Half-Marathon

Can I Transfer / Sell my Bib?

NO. Past races have been marred by numerous participants running under the guise of someone else’s race number. While this may seen harmless to the parties perpetrating the bib transfer, it does convey serious consequences to the organizers and participant field alike.

From race results to finishers’ awards being impacted as well as medical staff being able to correctly identify participants in need of treatment, it is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant.

A race ban will be placed on unauthorized runners and runners selling or transferring their bib number by the Lincoln Track Club.

Can I Switch Races?

If you have registered for the Full Marathon, you may switch to the half marathon on race day with no problem.

If you have registered for the Half-Marathon and want to switch to the full, you must inform race officials and pay the extra fee.


Is there a Featured Speaker?

Yes, the Featured Speaker will speak on Saturday during the Runners Expo.

When is the Runners Expo?

This year the Runners Expo will be the biggest yet and will feature over 56 vendors with the latest in running and fitness gear as well as information on health and wellness. The expo will be held at the Cornhusker Marriott on the following days and times:

Friday, May 3rd: Noon – 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 4th: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Can I purchase Merchandise on Race Day?

Runners and spectators may purchase official race merchandise on race day at the Merchandise Booth located in a tent near Gate 2 and just west of the bag check tents. Cash or check is all that is accepted at the booth.

What happens if it Rains?

The race will go on regardless of precipitation and will only be cancelled or postponed if weather conditions present imminent danger to participants. The Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half-Marathon has never been cancelled in its 40 years.

What is the Weather typically like?

No predictions here because this is Nebraska. Average May temperatures are:

Average low temperature: 46F
Average high temperature: 67F
You can check the local weather on TV stations 10/11 KOLN/KGIN (CBS) or KLKN (ABC).

Are Showers available after the Race?

Runners may use the showers in the Campus Rec Center located adjacent to the starting area (enter on 14th Street on the west side). Towels will be provided.

May I Check a Bag on Race Day?

The National Guard operates bag drop located in the south stadium parking lot. The lot is marked on the map in your packet and will have signs on campus.

What Type of Bag may I Check?

You will be given an official Lincoln Marathon bag at packet pickup marked with your race number. The National Guard will organize the bags by race number in the bag drop area.

What should I Put in my Checked Bag?

We strongly recommend you only bring clothes to put on when you finish the race. Any valuables should be left at home. The Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half-Marathon is not responsible for lost, stolen or discarded property.

Where should I Park?

There are many parking lots available on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Parking will be allowed in the A and C lots on the map below marked in dark purple as well as the parking garages. You can also park in City of Lincoln parking garages (first hour free) and at parking meters (free on Sundays).

How do I Claim My Bag after the Race?

The bag drop is located in the South Stadium parking lot directly outside the runners exit.


What Time does Race Start?

Wheelchair entrants start at 6:45 a.m.; everyone else will start at 7:00am beginning in waves with the fastest runners going first. Please line up and be ready to start at 6:50am according to when you anticipate you will finish. Because of the wave start and number of participants, the start will take over 40 minutes.

Where is the Start / Finish?

Both races start on 14th & Vine Streets and finish at the 50-yard line in Memorial Stadium.

How do I Line Up at Start Line?

At the Start: Color-coded bibs indicate your starting wave. Bibs were assigned by your event and expected pace. Be ready to start by the times listed below:

Group 1 – Yellow – 6:55 a.m.
Group 2 – Red – 6:55 a.m.
Group 3 – Green – 7:00 a.m.
Group 4 – Blue – 7:15 a.m.
Group 5 – Orange – 7:25 a.m.
Group 6 – Purple – 7:35 a.m.
Note: Grey (mainly National Guard) are asked to line up with one of the groups above based upon their normal pace.
You are allowed to start with a slower group but not allowed to start with a faster group. For example, if you have a red bib (group 2) and want to run with your friend who has a blue bib (group 4), then you will have to move back to your friend’s group.

BE ADVISED: Runners trying to start with a faster group will be stopped before the start line and moved to the side and made to wait their turn.

What Time should I Get To the Start?

Packet pickup in the NU Coliseum and the Cook Pavilion will open at 5:30am. Police will begin closing streets in and around the start at 6:00am. Traffic will be heavy near the start and finish area so allow extra time to make sure you’re not late.

Is there a place to wait until my Start Time?

Cook Pavilion on 14th Street is open and available for runners to stretch and wait for the race to start.

Are there Bathrooms available at the Start?

Bathrooms are available in Memorial Stadium in the east and south stadiums, in the NU Coliseum and port-a-potties on ‘W’ Street, east of the start.


Didn't Participate, Can I get My Medal?

Finishers Medals are only for participants who finished the race, therefore if you did not participate, you are not eligible for a Finishers Medal.

Didn't Participate, Can I get My Packet?

We will ship your race shirt to you, but you must cover the cost of shipping.

My Shirt Doesn't Fit, Can I get it Exchanged?

Need to exchange shirt size, visit exchange booth at Expo, or clothing sales tent (South Stadium) on race day.