RRCA Championship Event

The Lincoln National Guard Full Marathon has been selected as a RRCA – Marathon State Championship Event

About the Course

The Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half-Marathon is run on a citywide course that starts and finishes on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Runners in both races share a common start and run a loop route past the Nebraska State Capitol, along Sheridan Boulevard, past Union College, along the Highway 2 bike path, past the Lincoln County-City Building and back to the Half-Marathon finish on the UNL Campus. Marathoners then follow an out-and-back route to Holmes Park passing the Sunken Gardens, Folsom Children’s Zoo and Antelope Park.

Both courses have been nationally certified by and according to the standards adopted by the USA Track & Field / Road Runners of America Committee on Certification.

Certificates: Marathon=NE10010KU; Half-Marathon=NE10009KU.

Marathon times are acceptable for qualifying in the Boston Marathon.

Qualifying times (Net Times) will be automatically forwarded to Boston for entry verification.

The Finish Line

The finish line is the 50 Yard Line of Memorial Stadium, home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Aid Stations

Aid stations along the course are never more than 2.5 miles apart. Water, Gatorade, and ice are available at each station. GU Gel and orange slices are provided on the last half of the Marathon route.


Medical assistance is available at each of the aid stations and at the finish. In order to provide as complete medical care as possible, we ask that you notify the medical director of any chronic medical condition you may have. This includes any medical condition that you see a health practitioner for on a regular basis, any medication you are taking and, of course, any allergies you may have. This information is kept confidential by medical personnel and is discarded after the race. To insure your privacy please send this information directly to the Marathon Medical Director at 6232 So. 29th Circle, Lincoln NE 68516.

Time Limit

The Marathon Course is open for 6.5 hours (7 AM to 1:30 PM). While every effort is made to accommodate runners and walkers of all abilities, there will be a specific time limit for particiapants to reach each mile mark on the course. Participants may be directed to the sidewalks if they are not within the established pace for each location. All participants must abide by the instructions given to them by the Course Volunteers, Event Staff and local law enforcement. All Marathon participants must reach the Marathon Halfway Checkpoint (approximately 12.8 miles) within 3.5 hours. Participants will not be permitted to continue on to the 2nd half of the Marathon Course if they do not reach this point by 10:30 AM. They will be directed to finish as a Half Marathon participant.

National Guard Trials

We are pleased to again host the National Guard Marathon Trials. Army and Air Guard members representing each state and territory compete for positions on the National Guard Marathon Team. For information, contact the Nebraska National Guard at 402-309-8313 or christine.l.raftery.mil@mail.mil


Average low at starting time is 45 degrees, average high at finish is 55-60 degrees.